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"Home of Universal Fried Chicken & Ribs"  Since 1963


Mr. Charles A. Mohan, better known as "Moe", worked for Meyers and Powers Ice Cream Company as a salesman but his dream was to own an ice cream store similar to Baskin and Robins.  As a salesman he would call on Shires Drug Store which used to be located in the Universal Shopping Center next to what was then the Heritage Lounge and what is now
Mohan’s Bar & Restaurant.

One day while calling on Shires Drug Store he noticed that the Heritage Lounge had gone out of business.  He approached the owner and negotiated a purchase that resulted in the doors of Mohan's Bar & Restaurant opening on June 13, 1963.

Moe always used to brag about opening the bar with 2 cases of Iron City beer, 2 bottles of whiskey and $35.00 in the cash register.  When a customer would ask for a brand that Moe did not have he would write it down and tell them that he would have it by the next working day.  Moe would then buy the requested product and have it available the next time the customer came in.

Mohan's kitchen was inactive during those early days until one day when Moe had a visit from an agent of the Liquor Control Board.  The agent informed Moe that he needed to have enough food on hand to feed at least 20 people.  Moe immediately left the bar and went to Bards Dairy Store which used to be located in the end storeroom (now the location of our take out beer store).  He bought 5 lbs of chipped ham, a loaf of bread and a bottle of mustard.  He returned to the bar and asked the liquor agent if he wanted one or two sandwiches.  The agent smiled, and said he was now legal and wished him luck.

In 1965 Moe bought his first Henny Penny Pressure Fryer and began cooking “Universal Fried Chicken”.  Mohan's now has six Henny Penny Pressure Fryers capable of cooking 800 pieces of chicken per hour. Mohan’s cooks over 150,000 lbs (75 tons) of chicken each year and our single largest order was for 15,000 pieces!

Mohan's began as a 1600 square foot bar with a small dining area and has now evolved into a 6400 square foot full service restaurant, bar and take out store with over 300 brands of beer.  Mohan’s has been in the same location and under the same ownership since 1963.

Every customer and every visit is important.  It takes years to build a good reputation and only one incident to ruin it. We know we are only as good as the last meal or drink we served!  As a company our primary concern is you, our customer.  Our business is to entertain you with courteous, friendly service and reasonably priced quality food and beverage. 

The Mission of Mohan’s Dining Room, Inc.

Our continuing purpose is to . . .

1.     Satisfy customer needs in the best way possible.

2.     Ensure a profit for continued success and enhancement of an expanding customer base.

3.     Be an asset to this business and to the community where we work and live.
4.     Provide a friendly atmosphere of genuine hospitality to our customers and fellow employees.

5.         Serve quality food and beverage at a reasonable price.
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